Monday, July 21, 2014


thinking about:

change and how sometimes is just sucks. our beloved neighbors have sold their house and moved. it is so so so sad for me. i really loved them and loved having them right across the street. it's hard to even put into words how much i will miss them. i can't even look out the front door without tearing up. it feels almost the same as when my parents sat me down and told me that they were getting divorced. every fiber in my being not wanting it to happen.
i know i'm being a little melodramatic, but i don't care.
great neighbors are a blessing and i'm thankful that we had them in our lives for almost 9 years.

on the bright side, a sweet new family moved in next to us with 2 girls the same ages as mine. they have been connected at the hip since the day they moved in. that makes me happy.

bread and wine by shauna niequist. it's really good.

listening to:  kenny loggins… pooh corner. we ran into ken at whole foods in vegas, he was really into J's baltic amber beads. we are best friends now. i made a new KL pandora station and the kids think i'm crazy crying along to pooh corner. wow, i'm kind of a sappy mess in this post. well, why do kids have to grow up?
watching: attempting to watch breaking bad. i don't like it at all. it's gross and sad. i think i'm not going to watch anymore. still love to watch my recorded modern family episodes every night. so so so funny.
thankful for:
my first baby doll turning 14 today! how does that happen, i don't know. she just returned from a huge catholic teen retreat and is on fire with the holy spirit. i am thankful that we are in with the audio/visual guys and had him keep tabs in her… he sent me pics thru out the weekend :)
i am thankful for the great group of kids and people who put on the retreat. i am so proud of her wanting to go even though she didn't know anyone going. she is so brave and confident. she had a great time and slept until noon today. i guess they were a little sleep deprived.

happy birthday SRW!!!! i love you!!!


Rita Buettner said...

What an amazing experience for your daughter! And so smart to be in with the a/v folks. :)

Melody said...

Oh Breaking Bad... we are just finishing up the 4th season.... I'm really not a fan either. I'm only watching it at this point to see what happens but I agree. It's super gross at times and so ridiculous. It goes too far too often. My husband likes it though so I'l watch it with him... and when Downton Abbey comes back, he'll be watching that with me! :)