Sunday, July 20, 2014

just say no to carpet

i have a hate/hate relationship with our carpet. i wish i could rip it all out and replace with beautiful new wood flooring. but unless the stars align in just the right way, that is not happening.

last night i gave my bouncing baby boy some time to "air out" before his bath. he right away proceeded to urinate all over the floor. that wasn't that bad, I cleaned it up & shrugged it off. a few minutes later Paul came in to get him and stepped on something smooshy. we thought maybe spit up, alas no. bright green foamy poo was all over the front of the little angel and all over the floor. how it got on the front, I don't know. anywho, i spent a good hour scrubbing carpets last night.

just another wild saturday night.

post edit: less than 12 hours after this post…. the cat peed in the basement AGAIN!!! $%^&&

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stupid charlotte