Wednesday, September 26, 2012

spirituality and a $50 shirt

i got the new mumford & sons album yesterday. i never thought something with so many f words in it could be so spiritually uplifting.

man i love those mumford & sons. nothing has inspired me to lose this muffin top more. i actually ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill with those angels blasting in my ears. i know, i almost died.

it really gets my blood pumping. it's my roots man.

even tho they are british. whatever. they are irish to me.

i got a chance to run a quick errand w/ my eldest yesterday. usually i pick her up with lots o chillen in the car. yesterday it was just me. she asked where everyone was. i said they were w/ daddy & at piano. 

i asked her if she wanted to make a quick escape before heading back to the shackles of homework, dinner, baths, etc.

she smiled big. heck yes!

so we drove to urban outfitters.

we parked the car, beeped it, big smiles on our faces, anticipating what great deals we would find.

we browsed for a bit, nothing panned out for us, but we did find a great shirt for daddy, $4.99. gotta love a deal.

we were only in there around 20 min.

we walked out to see.....

a yellow parking ticket on my windshield.


i was so excited to escape for a minute, i completely forgot to put money in the meter.

it didn't even cross my mind.

i couldn't believe it.

$42 ticket

so dad's shirt ended up being a $50 shirt.

at least he liked it.


Michelle said...

Almost bought the album yesterday, good to hear your review. Parking meter? What parking meter?

jenna said...

haha! i love this. and now i just HAVE to get that album :)

Love, Mindy said...

Oh man! that stinks!! But, love that you did that run! And the fun one on one time.

Yvette said...

ahhh Nellie! Ticket! That reminds me of my ASU days. I got start exercising myself. Im just getting to big!!! do you think I'll like that album?