Wednesday, September 5, 2012


my blog is telling me my picture space is full.


i don't want to pay $2.49 a month from now on.

i wonder if i will get in trouble for writing this.

or flagged.

or something.

conspiracy theory.

so i guess i will have to jot down my jumbled thoughts.

and i just polished off a venti starbucks... so look out.

first off: i love this post from my mom's blog

(side note: she changed all my children's names to correspond with the initials that i use for my blog. it's what she wished i had really named them. i am not paranoid.)

blogging beth living life

what i love about it:

that my mom refers to herself as a little child. she's almost 60 and her dad is adjusting the bike seat for her. funny stuff.

my grammy makes her breakfast.

i love that the ladies love to apply some lipstick & get together for martinis. so exciting.

well basically i love all of it.

what else. what else.....

we just got back from an amazing weekend in greer with some awesome friends. so much fun and laughter... and snakes. yuck.

my mom has some pretty funny stories regarding online dating. hopefully she will write about them.

one recent experience involved an elvis impersonator. the second, she really liked, until the end when he confessed to being over taken by aliens several years ago. it's much funnier when she tells the story.

this school year is off to a strong start. it makes me a little nervous actually. the kids are all so much busier this year. i can't tell yet if it is good or too much.

S: homework galore, volleyball 3x a week

L: piano, gymnastics (maybe), atrium, mary's club, choir

D: piano, soccer 3x a week, atrium, mary's club & choir

S: gymnastics (maybe), atrium, mary's club, choir

and i joined the gym again. R is getting used to the childcare. he is really sad when i leave, but then so happy & having fun when i come back to pick him up after my intense 15 min. workout. jk. i actually did a zumba class, i was terrible tho. i kept jumping to keep my heart rate up, but spent most of the class facing the wrong way.

our bathroom needs to be remodeled in a big way. i will spare you the details.

i want a new hairstyle in a big way.

my friend is preggo with her 6th baby. i am jealous in a big way.

the kids are so funny. they just crack us up all the time. i never get frustrated or overwhelmed.


but they really are funny. i am thankful for my husband and my family every day. i have a friend who has been fighting stage 4 cancer. you can read about her story here. it is heartbreaking. i admire their strength and faith so much.

well.. that's it for now i guess.


Love, Mindy said...

i want to hear your mom's stories!!! what's up with the photo thing??? def conspiracy!
had sooo much fun last weekend! xoxo

Peace and Love said...

first of all I am NOT 60 - yet! The stories are kind of embarrassing! I love the lipstick and martoonis too!

Jenna said...

Why don't you go for number 6?? I wish I got to
5! I feel cheated!! Good luck with all the business
This year will bring! You are a great Mom!