Friday, September 14, 2012

ho hum...


my mom is in germany. me miss her.

who wants to go with me???

i am adjusting to a new parental jr. high lifestyle. i don't remember my mom being so involved in my daily life in jr. high. it's just that one teacher in particular makes me so mad. i'm crazy about all the teachers that say she is outstanding. hmmm...

i do think i have an unhealthy obsession with seeing what we can sneak by the uniform police at school. i think it may be my latent rebellious catholic school girl tendencies bubbling up. considering other options for rebelliousness, it may not be so bad after all?

i took my only child to the children's art museum yesterday. he loved it. before we went, i was explaining where we were going, telling him he was going to have so much fun.

he said: "oh! will there be swords there?"

me: "no, probably not."

R: "oh! guns then!?"

me: "no, probably not"

R: "oh. maybe football then!?" excitement diminishing...

one track mind that child.

i have all kinds of adorable pictures i would like to share.... but still haven't figured out the picture issue.

L is really into having a high ponytail lately. she was a little flustered when i had to leave this morning before doing her hair. i got a text from her dad with a smiling L and a very smooth, very high ponytail.
now he has mastered the braid, the low ponytail and the high ponytail. good job papa.

and my favorite quote from yesterday:

on the way home from school, with my carpool bandwagon, i overheard....

"ugh, i'm really in the mood for tapas right now."

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Love, Mindy said...

i want to go with you!!!! let's go!
love the tapas comment...was that one of yours?
finally posted labor day photos...your photos! :)