Tuesday, May 31, 2011


the kids are auditioning for a play today. they have to recite a poem to the panel of judges. here are the poems they selected.....

hug o'war by shel silverstein

I will not play at tug o' war

I'd rather play at hug o' war,

Where everyone hugs

Instead of tugs

Where everyone giggles

And rolls on the rug,

Where everyone kisses

And everyone grins

And everyone cuddles

And everyone wins.


YOU AND I by mary ann hoberman

Only one I in the whole wide world

And millions and millions of you,

But every you is an I to itself

And I am a you to you, too!

But if I am a you and you are an I

And the opposite also is true,

It makes us both the same somehow

Yet splits us each in two.

It's more and more mysterious,

The more I think it through:

Every you everywhere in the world is an I;

Every I in the world is a you!


the sunflower

Sunflower Sunflower

Yellow and round

You are the prettiest flower I found

Tall, strait, full of grace

I love the light in your bright yellow face

they are all pretty pumped.


The Richardson's said...

What theater company are they joining??

Mrs. Santini said...

This is pretty exciting, I hope they do great. I am sure they will. Good Luck girls