Friday, May 13, 2011

happy birthday to me

me. on my first birthday. wait. actually now that i'm looking at it, it says happy new year. so, anyway, somewhere around my first/second year :)

and a collection of random photographs on or around my birthday over the years.... memories that make me smile :)

fun memories w robin. i've always been a big believer in the german tradition of having a drink while you nurse... it helps your milk come in. at least that's what they say...
my 3 flowers.
my little bro home from the war.
we really catered to little L's eating habits...
story time! it just seems like yesterday... how could they be 10 and 8 now?????
modeling at a photoshoot for D. i did everything she said. i am such a good model. she even put the flowers up on my lap and told me how to tilt my head.
i can't believe none of us noticed we had anything on our teeth! this was the first time the whole family met dave. we were on our best behavior.
my birthday dinner with some indy friends. this was the year i ran a half marathon to say goodbye to my 20's. it was pretty awesome. i really screwed up my foot tho. that's what i get for not training. i did get to run around the indy 500 race track tho.
i guess making all of these fun memories makes it worth turning another year older.

i still keep peeking out the window for that pony with the ribbon around it's neck.


susiek said...

Aw, very sweet. I love May birthdays!

Peace and Love said...

You were about 7 months old in that first photo. I love all the other photos...time does fly by. ubbbb....who did you run the half marathon with????

The Richardson's said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!