Tuesday, May 31, 2011

last minute teacher gifts

at about 9:30 pm on the wednesday before school got out, i decided i wanted to put together some cute gifts for my kids' teachers. i know it was this late because it was at that time that i had to borrow sugar from my neighbor to make the cookies. i had already started the process and was not going to mess it up (like i had the night before and wasted the rest of the sugar... why i needed to borrow my neighbors)
anywho, i made the cookies and found these cute free download-able paper bag favor labels. i customized mine a bit in photoshop, but i'm sure you could do that in any editing program, and made them mine. turned out pretty cute... if i do say so myself... for a last minute thought that is.

no bake peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies. not paul's favorite. which may be why i make them. more for me.

not very appetizing looking either... but oh so delicious.


Love, Mindy said...

sister!!! i am so proud of you! those are darling...and i LOVE those cookies!

Mattie said...

Can I be your children's teacher?? Please!?

susiek said...