Friday, May 13, 2011

mother's day 2011

i had a lovely mother's day. i was awoken with the sounds of clinking and clanking coming from the kitchen... which resulted in a delicious breakfast that i think was intended to be consumed in bed... but i was already up.... and we needed to leave for church about 10 minutes before.
we had another delicious meal at my mom's house, prepared by the studly men in our family.
we then left them to clean up and mind the children while we went out for pedicures :)

this pic was pre-pedi....
i received the most beautiful cards. i also planted all the flowers i received from m's- d and easter.... which i'm soon will die very soon if they haven't already.

those clever girls....
and a flower pot i got for my ma. she's awesome and fun and cute and pretty and nice and would totally to this day give me the shirt off her back (or dress... which she just offered the other day)

thanks mom. for giving me life. and teaching me to enjoy the ride.


Peace and Love said...

awwww Nell, I am a very lucky mom to have you!! (and of course your darling sister and brother); and you little darlings are luck to have YOU for a mom.

The Richardson's said...

I love all of those pics of you and the kids. So sweet.