Tuesday, May 19, 2015

birthday catch up

we had quite a few birthdays in april & may.

paully wally celebrated his big day with a morning song and waffle cake. we had a sitter come over in the evening and we had a relaxing birthday dinner sans kids.

next up were some cousin b-days.

little w turned 3! she had a fairy party and looked like a little angel floating around. the boys wanted in on the fairy action too. the were running around shooting each other and jumping off big things with their fairy wings in tact.

this big guy turned 5 with a high 5 themed party!

the mustaches were a big hit.

next up my big guy turned 5!! he had all the boys from his preschool class join us for lunch at the new chuck e cheese's by our house. all the boys had fun with the super hero theme. they were in token-ticket-video game heaven.

and later that night we had our family over to celebrate the newly 5 year old and yours truly. With our birthdays being only one day apart, it's a busy month around here...

my sis made us a delicious chocolate cake and we blew out the candles together.

R was super pumped about the "quad" his father bought him. it was a big lego, transformer & of course his all time favorite... darth vader gift-themed year.

the next day was my actual birthday and my mister really spoiled me with his company and my favorite activities all day. we woke up and drove out to gilbert for my free liberty market birthday breakfast. it was the last day of preschool for R, so we had a little party at the park. then we had a sitter come over at 4 and hit the town. paul took me to last chance and even came in with me!! this is a big deal because he hates that place and usually waits in the car. we found lots of goodies and then headed over to a cool downtown pizza place with our friends. it was a perfect evening. i'm now a fitbit owner... let's compete :)

we continued the celebration with a friends party. these little cuties surprised me with a yummo dinner, chocolate cake, banners & anthro presents. i guess they know the way straight to my heart :)

and was spoiled once again by my "sisters" with a birthday dinner complete with gifts of ball jars, homemade rose sugar scrub, candles & the most amazing red velvet chocolate chip cookies. 
despite the rising number, I really look forward to my birthday each year ;)

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