Wednesday, May 20, 2015

april-may moments

i'm just gonna chronicle our last two months so they don't fade away. lots of everyday stuff... but those are the things i wanna remember. the goofy faces, the crazy things that happen around here on a daily basis. the activities the kids were doing... all of it. 

can't remember if i already used this pic but i love it. we were waiting for the sisters to get out of choir, playing in the church field. they were having a great time running wild & were resting for a moment. J wrapped his little hands around his big bro & i snapped right away. these brothers sure love each other.

we have a hate/hate relationship with our mailbox. we just can't seem to keep it together. i walked out this afternoon and saw neighbors taking pictures of our mailbox. we did get a note from the mailman this day telling us to fix it. i apologized later. he said in 30 years he's never seen anything like that.

we had a bunch of trips coming for various people in our family so i tortured myself shopping several times with the little guys. R is not so bad but J..... oh my. he's a terror right now. shopping anyway.
i also learned my lesson about giving R my phone when i'm trying on clothes. that was an uncomfortable sight when some unflattering pictures popped up on our streaming iCloud pics.

my amazing friend dropped off these pretzel croissants. they were seriously one of the best things i have ever eaten.

S & L were in the school play carousel. they were adorbs.

school pics always crack me up. the kids get so excited about them even tho i never buy them. i did snap a pic of them tho before we turned them in. i love these two girls so much. they are so sweet and i just want to freeze them how they are now.

more fun shopping times...

this guy was in hog heaven at a western bday party he attended. complete with real ponies!

i chaperoned L's 7th grade class on a field trip to the zoo. my group was surprisingly sweet and aware. they made sure they stayed with me and were very respectful. the boys even cleared everyone's plates after lunch without being asked. such gentlemen! they did take any chance they got to run through the sprinklers tho.

my bad baby wasting kleenex on earth day.

R was pretty excited about this warrior get up he put together. he said he would be able to protect the whole house if he slept in this. i said his rocket might be uncomfortable. he said oh you mean my blaster?? no, it's fine.

J playing legos in the relaxing light from R's window.

this guy cracks me up with his little habit he has of laying flat on his back wherever he goes.  he just has to get the view and then he's done. he also says "why" after EVERY statement said to him and uh-uh, even when he means yes, after EVERY question.

 one early morning in my family bed.

that's one way to clean up a spill.

mother's day 2015: i posted this pic for my mom. i was really confused-entranced by my morning hair.

we went to church, lunch, dropped kids off at home, rode bikes to get "apples" at whole foods, ignored threatening texts from the children, enjoyed our "apples", rode back home and Paul & my bro  grilled up a feast for the mothers in our family.

R's last day of 4's preschool :)

this was the season for lots of 1st communions and confirmations. 2 of my sweet godsons received sacraments!

i really like this little babe of mine...

my dear friend Liz was in town with her boys (more sacraments... baby was baptized!!) and we went outside to snap some pics. love this one!

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