Friday, May 15, 2015

bathing suits and cookies

i'm super pumped about my recent last chance finds. it gives me probably an unhealthy amount of joy to come home and look up my savings.

i stumbled upon these beauties...

 $114 badgley mischka shirred maillot... i found for $9.97

 $120 laundry one piece... i found for $9.97

and since i totally have the same body type as these models i said heck ya! let's do this.

and then i found my fave free people beach cocoon $68 for..... $7.97
i mean really, my heart may have skipped a beat.

and speaking of swimsuit bodies....

can someone please make these cookies for me??? who knew there was such thing as chocolate chip cookie day and of course it's close to my birthday.

it's cosmic.

i mean what more could i want for my birthday other than these cookies and to stock up on some candy crush lives and kingdom keys????


Kellie Barney said...

What are kingdom keys? Some secret Candy Crush lingo I don't know about?

nellie said...

You know, keys to unlock the next level/kingdom?? I always have to wait forever. Ugh. Tough times.

Michelle R said...

i will make you those cookies in 24 days. then you can share them with me.

nellie said...

yes and yes. but you better make a test batch first and give them to me and i will not share those.