Wednesday, October 29, 2014

happenings around here lately….

let's rewind all the way back to early september when we had some torrential desert downpours...

 the kids even got to miss school because it was too dangerous to drive. crazy.

  they were not too upset about it, they just put on their suits & rain boots and headed to the park.

we did have some pretty major leaks. we had to wake up the big girls to help us bail out water from the fire escape from 2:30 - 3:30 am. it was a tad frightening. we were able to prevent it from coming in, luckily, however we did have water dripping from the ceiling right in the middle of the basement. this is weeks after we finally got things finished from the big summer leak. good times.

 this guy learned to climb on everything.

R is really into artwork now. he likes to make up games and codes and such. i like it.

D still has her eye on everything...

family traffic jam.

 we attempted to resurrect family game night. we haven't had much luck with this in the past. which is sad for me because i love to win play games. everyone complains and fights and cheats or gets mad if they are out or whatever… it hasn't been the good quality family fun that we had hoped for. BUT, this time it was fun! i guess the kids are getting a little bigger & more mature because we were able to play for quite some time. we invited friends too, which might have made the difference. anyway, i look forward to more of these nights :)

my big one started jiu jitsu. it is brazilian wrestling. i can not for the life of me understand why she likes it, but she loves it. i'm just happy she loves a sport…. so we will see. you don't want to run into her in a dark alley.

p & i got to take a quick trip with our newborn baby to indy for my grandpa's 90th birthday.

it took 5 cakes to get all 90 candles on there.

we enjoyed some late night shenanigans with our dear friends.

and then had lunch with our favorite priest.

 this was paul's way of figuring out the ordering school pictures…

a big shout out to my second born. she is working her tail off at school, just finished up a quite chaotic season of volleyball & is surviving it all.

her 3-d diagram of a cell.

babysitting selfies with her baby bro.

and last but not least, we hosted an oktoberfest block party with our new nieghbors.

 i was having so much fun i fell asleep in this picture. apparently i fell asleep in all of the pictures.

so many delicious german foods to choose from...

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