Friday, October 31, 2014

fall break 2014

this was one of my most favorite fall breaks ever. the whole week was very spontaneous but relaxed at the same time. my favorite combo.

we started the week off with a cousin slumber party and then lunch with noni at the farm. it was a beautiful day minus the mosquitos.

we decided on a quick last minute deal for a beach trip with friends. Paul found a house available right across from our friends and the guy made us a deal we couldn't refuse. it ended up being so so so fun. we were so relaxed and removed from daily life, it was amazing. we were totally unplugged. i only had my phone by the beach 1 day, so i didn't get very many photos.

this was the kid crew….

there was a kayak at the house we rented so P & S decided to take it out to fish. it was ridiculous watching them trying to get out over the waves. S dropped back and P finally made it out. however returned quickly after realizing he could see straight down thru the clear water 30 ft or so. clear enough to see whatever could be down there. so he rode the waves back in, almost taking a lady out with him. luckily he rolled over & didn't hit anyone.

 mermaid sighting…

 my little S loves drawing… she was busy the whole drive home.

and to top it all off, we went to a star wars activity day at the phoenix library. R was in heaven. 

then returned quickly to the daily grind monday morning.

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