Wednesday, March 5, 2014

lent 2014

i am so excited about lent this year.

i am excited to challenge myself to be better.

i want to give of my time more.

i want to indulge less.

i want to be








i am ready to focus my family. i love having family meetings and making a plan. i really love making the decision {for the kids, they are dreading it} to give up computer. i hate seeing their sweet little faces playing computer games when they could be outside climbing trees or playing with sticks or whatever kids do outside these days.

i love posting our goals up on the wall to remind ourselves each day how to be better.

i want us to live more simply.

enjoy what we have.

here is my list for lent 2014:

no candy crush {this is a personal hell for me} {raw sacrifice}
i'm not even going to delete it. i'm going to let it taunt me for 40 days. sending me reminders to play. nope. not gonna do it.

no sweets.

no beer.
(except for 1 day due to a scheduling conflict) i'm ok with that. i have sacrificed going to the event every year due to pregnancy so i feel that i have sacrificed enough in regards to this particular event. maybe i'll put an extra day of lent on my tab.

eat healthy.

40 bags for 40 days. donate or throw away a bag a day.

no shopping. 
i've already been sent two great online sales. it's going to be so tempting. but i don't need anything. i have everything that i could possibly need. i'm not even going to get new Easter dresses for the girls. 
i have made exceptions to grocery shop and if something comes up for school.

i'm happy with my goals and excited to stick to it. it's still a pretty indulgent life i lead and these sacrifices are nothing compared to the sacrifices some people have to make every day. we will also be giving to the homeless everyday. doing what we can to find people who need help. and i'm going to make the kids give up fighting. hahahahahahahha.
hopefully they will challenge themselves to that on their own.


Anonymous said...

oh no, not shopping!!! good luck, dear nelloe.......hjw

Love, Mindy said...

I love it! I'm joining you (on some of those things). During Christmas - we made bags of water bottles, nuts, socks, non-perishable snacks and kept them in the car. When we see someone in need - we gave them a bag. :)
it worked so well - we always have them in the car now.

SHINE said...

my favorite time of year!!!!!