Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a good day

i can't tell if my favorite part of the day was:

1. getting to spend the evening with my friends and their kids at the park. kids playing and running wild while the moms shared a bottle wine and conversed about motherhood

2. my friend texting me saying she was inspired by my parenting and the she too was going to lock her kids outside tomorrow

3. getting 2 minutes to catch up with my friend talking about teenagers and the whole time her beautiful face was illuminated by the red glow of her sons laser light coming from the car

4. knowing that the kids were forming lifelong memories playing flashlight tag in the dark park during spring break with their friends

5. my husband re-enacting our night at the park, in which he ended up being the only dad,  of all the moms talking at the same time

6. the kids playing peter pan outside all morning and throwing "pixie dust" aka. my glitter all over each other

7. having a peaceful trip to Costco with my girls. they pushed the cart and helped me load and unload all of the groceries. especially enjoying how easy it was to unload into my newly organized pantry. it's the little things

8. my boys getting a good long nap while i took the girls to Costco. (dad was at home)

9. sneaking away and having a delicious lunch with my hubs… oh and the two youngest

10. looking forward to watching house of cards all day, getting kids tucked away and finally laying down to watch an episode or two


susiek said...

I'm enjoying House of Cards, too!

Anonymous said...

i only let them watch one episode of house of cards.

i gotta say, it was quite enjoyable to have a 13 year old push the cart around target.

Dr Mom said...

Love it. I hope you get more good days!