Wednesday, February 19, 2014

disney cruise according to my iPhone

 scene 1: our very early morning airport breakfast. it was still dark out.

 1st plane ride of the day

so adorable… holding hands. i'm glad i took a picture because i had forgotten that they had done this.

we had dinner in orlando with my dear friend and her 4 girls and her parents. we met when we had our 1st baby girls and had 3 more together every other year :) we loved our pope table… even updated with the new pope!

just before embarking the ship (boat talk)

the newly remodeled disney magic

our room. we bought last minute discount priced rooms and were not guaranteed that they would even be close to each other. we were so excited when they placed us in conjoining rooms! gils in one room & boys & parents in the other. it was perfect.

this was the coolest hand washing station. every kid had to wash hands when entering the kids club. you just stuck your hands in there and the machine washed 'em for you. it was nice hot soapy water and then a rinse cycle. (i tried it myself)

 pretty fish at the port

 atlantis in the distance

 lunch on the disney island.

 the aqua dunk slide takes you for a spin out over the ocean after you drop down the slide. i didn't try this one… but S, L & daddy did!

 cute little beach bum

the host of castaway cay

 more cute beach bums

the beach. it was so pretty and clean… and not very crowded!

fun playground out in the ocean. he stayed near the beach after getting stung right off the bat by sea lice. (it can't get in your hair)

everyone loved snorkeling

nap time

and even more cute beach bums

 king of the sea

 nassau had some pretty colors but we didn't stay long. probably only worth getting off the boat of you do an excursion… which we did not.

always exciting to spot a character!

 kids super pumped about anything frozen. they watched it several times on the boat and joined in a sing a-long

saying goodbye to our sweet wait staff. they were so nice. and that was the kids favorite restaurant. animators palate

heading home. baby J wasn't too excited

a brief scene from the last plane ride home…

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Molly Mendoza said...

Loved seeing photos of your trip. FUN!!