Tuesday, February 18, 2014


thinking about: how much better i feel after a decent night of sleep. baby boy has a double ear infection and is sleeping so much better now with his antibiotics helping him heal. the world seems so much brighter. so many things i want to do.
too bad my purse was mysteriously left in my hubs car when he left this morning. i guess all my fabulous errands will have to be done tomorrow.
also thinking about how i should be editing pics and getting the kids registered for school next year. BORING.

reading: still word by wording my way through girl of the limberlost. it's pretty good…. but not better than a few solid hours of candy crush.

listening to: the washer & dryer. always. also listening to silence from the boy's room. they are napping. together and at the same time. yippee!!

watching: hoping to start house of cards. i love watching tv series on netflix. you can just keep watching episode after episode and stay up all night if you want. it's so fun being an adult. but truly my heart belongs to downton abbey. i am realizing that my week revolves around it. i get so excited for sunday night. and then cross the days of until it's sunday again. ugh. so so good. i love mary. she cracks me up. i hate edith, so annoying. buy really glad she didn't go thru with you know what. yay for pbs. mr. bates…. bad bad bad.

thankful for:
health. and sleep. man are those important. 

claritin. i hate taking meds, but man o man does that stuff work. the weather is so fabulous rich now and i am a sneezy itchy hot mess when enjoying it without claritin.

this tent. my neighbors are {sadly} moving and are clearing out all of their "stuff" they have collected all the years of raising their kids. they are not planning any tent camping trips anymore i guess. so they gave it to us. we set it up in the backyard & the kids were in heaven sleeping in it. it is ginormous. it makes me actually want to plan a camping trip.

and last but not least… our family dinners. it's usually crazy & someone is always sick… but it's just fun.
not the best pic… but it shows the tent :)


Anna Kate said...

Love that comment about Candy Crush. Mine is Fruit Ninja. I'm an addict and I love it.
And GAH. Must catch up on Downton.

Jenna Guizar said...

I love the tent! How sweet of them to give you guys that. I bet the kids had a blast.

susiek said...

That tent is great - and so perfectly erected! I was looking for the kids in the picture - everything looks so calm. Oh, there they are in the tree. :)

emilysestuary said...

Love the tent. And love your grass. How pretty this time of year. Good for you!

Loved your Cruise pics too.
Hope the baby feels better. Earaches are no fun.