Thursday, January 9, 2014


i just wanted to document this relatively uneventful but very common morning... just to remember the daily chaos of getting basic errands done with small children... it can be slightly maddening sometimes

after changing schedules & drop offs to book it to a school function in the am and ultimately being late, seeing L's presentation but missing D's (we were under the impression that it went all morning... didn't know it was only 30 min) we swung back home to pick up the prius (it needed routine work done, but that always takes a lot of coordination and changing schedules around to find time to take both cars out to the dealership & drop it off) and i followed P to the dealership. this is quite exciting for R as they have a giant pirate ship to play on. so he's a little pumped up in the car.

R: "mom! (loud and intermittent) look at this! guess what i have! mom! MOM!"

me: "yes buddy. i see you in the mirror but i can't turn around. we are driving on the freeway and i need to keep my eyes on the road."

R: "mom." 

R: "mom!"

me: "yes?"

R: "can you see me? look at me. look at this movie. why are we driving. are we going to see the pirate ship? why do they have a pirate ship? look at me, i'm holding up this movie."

me: "yes, i see you."

R: "mom, J is awake. mom, J is crying. mom, i have a movie.  mom, can we watch this movie? mom can you put in this movie? mom!"

me: "no i can't put the movie in right now. i'm driving on the freeway. look out the window."

R: "mom can we watch a movie? look mom. i have the movie over my face. can you see me? look mom."

me: "i see you in the mirror."

R: "look mom, i'm touching the wheels on the bike." (we also had to take in one of our new bikes as the back wheel was falling off) (which also entails a lot of removing of seats and car seats and shoving it in the back also managing to keep 2 car seats in place)

me: "careful buddy. i don't want your finger to get caught in the bike wheel."

R: "mom can you put in the movie?"

me: thinking i've had enough of this conversation.... "let's listen to some music"

R: "can we put in the movie after we go to the pirate ship?"

me: "probably"

R: "mom, why is the bike in the back of the car? can i ride my bike when we get home? mom? mom? mom!"

me: "can you sing this song to me?"

R: "look mom. i'm covering my face with the movie. what movie is this? look."

me: "uh huh. i see you."

R: "can we watch a movie?"


me: "what is it?"

R: screaming... "my hand is stuck in the movie case!"

me: trying to drive on the freeway & soothe him at the same time & reach around and get the case off of his hand...."hold it up. let me try to get it open"

R: screaming......

me: i manage to get it off. looking around at something to give him... "here take a sip of this water. maybe put a piece of ice on your owie. but don't spill."

R: "wahhh. ok." sniff sniff

me: "careful"

R: removes lid. SPLAT. the entire huge cup of water spills all over him and on to the floor.
 "uh oh" "oops. the water spilled"

me: "yes, i heard it"

R: sniff sniff. "can you put in the movie?"


Love, Mindy said...

oh my word! how i love little boys. :)

Mark said...

This captures pretty much every moment of my life right now. ha

Mark said...

(This is Sarah.)

Not Mark

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty awesome.

Peace and Love said...


Peace and Love said...
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SHINE said...


and i was in a waiting room of a therapy appt.
i truly looked crazy