Monday, January 27, 2014


linkin' on up again….

Thinking about: how torturous yet great it felt to be "a runner" the last couple of weeks. i set a goal to run at least a mile at least 3 times a week for the last 3 weeks. to train for the color run. which was so fun! i ran almost the whole 3 miles. i think i could have run the whole thing, but people really slowed down in the paint parts & we waited for the two stragglers s & s who were walkers.
i'm also thinking about what a wonderful time i had in denver yesterday. i was there less than 24 hours… but it was worth it. i packed the baby up and spent the day with my hubby exploring denver. he has to be there for the week for work, so we went a day early and hung out. my dad & stepmom came over to spend the day & night with the other 5 chillens. they had a blast at the mall… picking out special treats for themselves.

Reading: planning on starting a girl of the limberlost.
Listening to: the washer and dryer. i can't even keep track of how many loads i do a day. i'm also listening to silence coming from the bedrooms. please Lord. let this be the night i sleep until morning. just one night. c'mon kamal.
Watching: hmmm nothing really. i wanna make sure to watch all of the nominated movies.
Thankful for: this weather! so many other parts of the country are prrrreeeeeety cold right now. we came home from school and rode our bikes around & played in the driveway until it started to get dark.


Anna Kate said...

Ha! Love your "Listening To." Hashtag mom life.

Jenna Guizar said...

I've never heard of that book. I want to read more, so let me know how it goes :) Maybe I'll go get Hunger Games today from Changing Hands.

So glad you had a great time in Denver :) What a fun trip.