Monday, January 13, 2014


A Mama Collective

i'm linking up with a mama collective for my currently post :)

thinking about: how excited i am for my hot date tonight. it is our 19th dating anniversary. it's going to be a late night. our reservations are not until 8:45. we have to finish soccer practice etc. etc. before we can go. i got a new necklace & shirt. i'm even planning on showering!! maybe even doing my hair if i get crazy. we always have seafood on our dating anniversary & we are trying out a new place called little cleo's. can.not.wait.

i'm also thinking about how my little S turned 7 back in nov. and i never blogged about it. that girl is a crack up. i just want to write down everything she says. love that girl.

reading: i always appreciate the perspective of "if i could do it over again, this is what i would do..." i perk right up when experienced moms want to share their advice. this post really jumped out to me.
listening to: kids playing. they have this really weird accent they like to use while playing. all.the.time. oh man it's like fingers on a chalkboard. but they are happy and that makes me happy.

oh and i can't leave out.... the frozen soundtrack.
it's been blared out of control since Christmas morning. let it go. let it go.
watching:downton abbey. what even happened last night? not cool. not cool.

thankful for: these guys. 

 and forgiveness. and the gift of a new day. this particular day was a busy one. it was a wonderful day but a long one. we had been in the car all day. we finally got to this great new park and all needed to run around. they all ran 5 diff ways. they were really excited to chase the several peacocks that were running around the park. the hubs and i were a little low on patience and the kids were a little amped up with energy. we kinda got frustrated with the kids as we walked back to the car. in our minds we were down on ourselves and focused the whole day and the whole park experience on that 5 mins of frustration. as soon as we got in the car they all exclaimed, specifically R,
"that was fun!"
to them it was fun and exciting. to us it was wild and chaotic. i need to remind myself to have that childlike ability to move from one experience to the other and not dwell.
we took a deep breath, smiled and headed for the long ride home. thank the good Lord for mobile dvd players.


Anna Kate said...

Real jealous of your date night, but you know I could never stay awake that late! ;) Have fun!

Jenna Guizar said...

Your pictures are precious of the kiddos -- and I love the cake!!! It sounds like the kids had a great time at the park :) Well done helping to make lovely memories with their own family. I love that. I wish that I had memories like that with lots of siblings. I still get sad that it was just my bro and me. Is that weird? I should probably get over it...
love you, nellie, you're beautiful :) ~Jenna

Mary @ A Mama Collective said...

Those pictures are amazing! As per usual! I too get caught up in the one bad moment/frustration/anger and forget all the fun of the experience. Thanks for reminding me to be more childlike in that way and let it go!

Kelli K said...

Hope you had a great date night for your anniversary! Also, those photos are gorgeous!

SHINE said...

happy anniversary!!!!