Friday, April 5, 2013

sick baby

my poor little eldest baby is sick.

she has had a big year this year and is almost done.

she had a huge school transition.

montessori to traditional.

planting gardens, making bread, discerning cloud patterns & no homework


uniforms, tests, grades, pressure & 5 hours of grueling homework a night

she has handled it pretty well in my opinion.

we are so proud of all her hard work.

with this intense schedule and kids not wanting to miss school even when they are sick

with the fear of getting too far behind....

she has been sick more times this year than she has ever been in her life.

several ear infections, coughs, colds, etc.

now she has walking pneumonia.

she is doing fine, resting & taking antibiotics.

she missed a few days of school to recover.

i am just so proud of this brave girl.

she has learned so much this year and worked so hard.

i love the smart, hardworking, lovely, beautiful inside & out

lady she is becoming.

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Anonymous said...

she'll always be my darling little sophie...iove her....hjw