Friday, April 5, 2013

indy & me

i forgot to post about a fun quick getaway i had with my mommy back in january.

it was so fun.

i love visiting with my grandma, my auntie & my great-aunties.

i just love the wisdom and life stories i hear when talking to them.

the questions are so funny.

i heard things like...

so do you color your hair? how are all your kids doing in school? do they have stuff wrong with them or do they do ok? 

questions that just crack me up when coming from good 80+ year old hearts who raised their children in such a different generation but have great grandchildren in this generation. i can imagine it is so different.

i love that my mom puts on martini parties for my gram and her sisters. they all look forward to it. they put on lipstick and smoke cigarettes. and no one is allowed to make any comments about the smoking.
especially since some of them only have one lung.

i love the love they have for their aging spouses. and the way they get through their days as their bodies and minds are so different. 

i truly love it.

i love all the stories my grandma tells me. her memories, her thoughts, her insights.

i love it when she gets sassy.

my grandma spoiled me with her cooking & attention.

how many 35 yr olds have their 85 yr old grandmas making meals for them.

i just love her.

we went to cemeteries, antique stores, lunches & lots of drives

i love looking at all the old homes and buildings there.

my mom stopped to talk to this guy selling brooms on the corner. she swore she could remember him being there for as long as she can remember back.

well that was the case. he said he had been selling brooms on that corner for 60 years.

can you believe that?

she bought one.

my mom & i headed out late one night to hear my friend's band play.

they were surprised.

i love them.

going on these trips makes me realize how fast time goes

and how important it is to enjoy life.

soak up the good times and get through the bad.

as my grandma always says....

"we are all on our own journey. better make it good"

we were waiting for a table to eat. i was really hungry and grumpy. these girls were drinking beer and being silly. i was threatening them with  posting facebook pictures.

 my mom and her broom.

 this place was amazing.

one of the amazing breakfasts i stuffed in my face.


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This made me cry. In a good way. :)

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Anonymous said...

nice reading about your visit here, you are an important part of my life and i love you, come again soon, miss you.