Wednesday, April 3, 2013

beach or bust

 my kiddos had spring break split into two diff. weeks this year. it was a bummer cuz i really wanted to run off to the ocean.

so i decided to go ahead and run off with my eldest & youngest
during my eldest's week off,
so dad could stay home and work & the other kids could go back to school.

we had a blast.

the drive was so peaceful with only two kids in the car.
and we made it in record time... not having to stop every other minute ;)

scenes from the ride out....


we finally made it!! yay!!

S found some seaweed with tons of live starfish on it.
my mama came and met us at the beach & made sand castles with R. i clearly just relaxed and watched.
me & my main squeeze
noni & her main squeeze

we ate at world famous and it was just perfect. we were so hungry. they sat us at this perfect table over looking the beach.. the servings were huge and delicious... after eating, we were completely ready to spend the rest of the day lounging on the beach.
beautiful S
another sand castle. they were so proud.
S made a huge sand turtle
salt water sandals right where they belong
R enjoying some ice cream. S ate hers in the ocean.
we had such a nice relaxing time. thx to my mom for letting us crash with her. she cooked for us & spoiled us. it was heaven. R was the perfect age for the beach... old enough to not put sand in his eyes and run away... but still young enough to be a little nervous of the water... so he was so content to just hang out by my chair and dig in the sand all day. and S was in heaven playing in the waves and finding little creatures in the water and sand.

it was perfect other than i realized my nice expensive blow up mattress has a slow leak in it. i found myself laying on cold tile a few times in the middle of the night. unless i am just over the weight limit... now we know that can't be the case... so it must have a leak.

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