Thursday, January 31, 2013

those kids and their "comments"

i am sitting at the computer and it is barely 8am. my son is summoning me to come and sit with him as he has his morning movement. i think i'll sit here as long as i can.
so far this morning i have:

 got 4 children sent off to school... fed, hair straightened, lunches and signed papers in hand & carpools finagled

dinner roasting in the crockpot

kitchen cleaned

emails checked

prepared 3 breakfasts for the boy

dogs fed & watered

hose turned off... that i noticed had been trickling all night

so much more to do, but whew that felt like a lot.

i am looking forward to a quick shopping trip with a friend, paully has been gone all week and i am looking forward to some adult conversations... with complete sentences and all.... well maybe.

the little cherubs have been making me laugh lately... here are some quotes from the dears....

little S:

has discovered using "quotations" with her fingers when she talks. this morning she said while eating her cereal...
 i bet bats "wake up early at night"... smiling, feeling very clever for using her quotation fingers.

last night during soccer practice wait time, the kids were playing horse, which meant they were running around the field pretending they were horses. stopping to rest under trees and eat clovers. after recently reading an article about always being on your phone and missing your childrens' childhoods... i thought i should put down my very intense angry birds game and join them.
i overheard them say:
  "mom's huge. let's make her a buffalo. no, let's pretend she's an elephant".


as much as i don't like it, my son has really taken to potty talk.
he loves to twist his little toddler body, squat a little, crank his neck around and say:
"hey look! butt!" then laughs hysterically.

the other day we were cuddling in the bed after lunch. i said oh man, you smell like garlic! he said, no i don't. i said , yes you do, it was in your lunch.
he said "come on!, i just took a shower!"


was having a hard time during the sale of the puppies last weekend. i have to say, they were much better behaved then when my siblings and i were little selling our kittens. we used to hide the kittens when people came over to see them and then say we had no idea where they were. so bad. my sis said she hid some under a blanket on her bed one time. good thing they lived through that.
anywho.. when people were over looking at the puppies, D was playing in the backyard. we were trying to ignore her somewhat hyper behavior. she was running wildly thru the backyard... scaling trees then shouting look at me! LOOK AT ME! then she would dash over to the swingset and throw herself over the bars... upside down and shout mom! DAD! MOM! LOOK AT ME!!! not that bad, but kind of distracting when trying to talk to people about puppies. well when the people would mention one puppy in particular, she would shout out "that one's not for sale!" or "that one is sick" or "that one bites!" anything to prevent the sale of her puppies. they did all sell in one weekend. dad promised they could keep one puppy from the next litter.... if there is a "next litter".

L has said some funny things too, but generally is obsessed with her new ipod touch that she saved and spent ALL of her money on.

S is such a tween is unbelievable. i have been letting her stay up and watch a show with me at night. she is loving quoting the show constantly. it's pretty funny.


Kellie said...

Just think, when they are older and don't believe the stories you tell of their childhood, they can read it all here!!

How long do you have to wait for Ethan Tremblay to have another litter? Do you have to separate them for awhile?

Anonymous said...

sofunny. sounds like they're all very intelligent. hjw

susiek said...

Thanks for the "stories", Nellie!

Anonymous said...

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