Wednesday, January 23, 2013


my grandma & grandpa were able to come to sunny az for thanksgiving.
it was so special having them here.

the kids all loved the attention and would do anything to get my grandpa to do his big laugh.

i wish they would move here.

 we hosted the feast at our house.everyone brought a lot of food, so it wasn't a big deal. i was bummed that my turkey was dry. but my grandma saved the day by making gallons of gravy.

gravy fixes everything.

it was a beautiful day. until one of the children opened the rv gate and let the dogs out. it was like a scene from a movie. the children ran in terror. my grandma braced herself. the dogs jumped up on the tables and were in heaven eating the food off the childrens' plates. luckily we were pretty much finished eating. it was mayhem.

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