Wednesday, January 23, 2013

quick trip to the windy city

pscrubs and i got to have a quick getaway to visit my cousin and her husband in chicago.
it was COLD!! 
they just moved into a huge fancy house, which was awesome. 

we made the most of our time eating, eating and eating some more.
it's pretty much my favorite thing to do.

we found my favorite...gino's pizza. 

paully wanted to explore the polish neighborhoods. so we found an authentic polish restaurant.
soups, sausages, blintzes, potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage and some weird red juice.
it was amazing.

we also went to my cousins' favorite sushi restaurant. paul was more adventurous than i, but i still enjoyed trying new things.

it was a very fun relaxing getaway.

 our wonderful hosts spoiled us.

although part of me thought it just didn't feel right being so close to an american girl store without my little cherubs.

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Kellie said...

Mmm...I love Gino's pizza!! So yummy!