Tuesday, August 21, 2012

outside my comfort zone

this morning i tried a tai chi class for the first time.

i rode my bike to the studio and had an open mind for a new experience.

my friend was supposed to meet me.

she was not there.

i decided i would have to have this experience by myself.

i walked into a room and everyone was punching their own abdomens.


so i started punching mine too.

then the master asked me to follow him into another room.

i laid down and he asked me to breathe.

feel my chest rise & fall.

in through my nose and exhale through my mouth.

so i did that.

then i started to laugh.

he was not laughing.

so i closed my eyes and tried again. 

after about 10 awkward minutes,

he asked me to join the group again.

we started the class and it wasn't too bad.

my friend walked in.

thank the good lord.

we smiled at each other and i knew i had better not get the giggles again.

it would have been bad.

we rocked, bounced, counted, twisted, stretched & bowed.

then we relaxed on the floor for 15 minutes.

eyes closed.

i felt something massaging my feet.

it felt good.

they are kind of touchy in those classes i guess.

then, apparently, i was not breathing correctly.

master said i was only breathing  at 50%.

so he proceeded to rub and shake my abdomen stomach area.

for about 10 minutes.

it was so awkward.

i was trying to focus, but kept smiling.

he said to focus on pushing my energy to my fingertips.

all i could focus on was not having a bm with all the pushing on my tummy.

finally he stopped.

my friend was laughing at all the special attention i was getting.

we then stood up.

pounded and punched ourselves in various places.

held our abdomens and stared at each other, laughing.

like a fake laugh. we were supposed to laugh.

that quickly turned into real laughter.

we bowed and we finished.

i rode home, confused.

my friend texted me throughout the day, still laughing at me getting

in her words "all chi and squishy tummy"

when i got home i tried to convince baby R to snuggle up with me in bed.

not so much.

i don't think i'll try any more tai chi.


Love, Mindy said...

Hilarious! Wish I could have been there with you!

Anonymous said...

so funny, nellie. i don't think this is for you.

susiek said...

omg! Just the laugh I needed this morning! A big belly laugh!

The Richardson's said...


Murryz said...

What? I thought we were doing tai chi everyday now.. Lol
I think the master was just jealous at our amazing punching skills so he put down you'd breathing... I'm coming over to punch you repeatedly for free... Luv ya.. Yoga next week

Peace and Love said...

Where was this class? I want to go.

Michelle said...

This is funny. I'd never survive in that class. And bn on the floor? That alone made me laugh.