Monday, August 6, 2012

back to school 2012

well today was the first day of school.

kindergarten, 2nd grade, 5th grade & 7th grade!

it was a sigh of relief to finally have everyone signed up, figured out where they all needed to be, backpacks purchased, new lunch boxes, supplies, etc.

the supply purchases were new for us.

we got an email the wed. before school started that S was accepted into the jr. high and high school that we were hoping for. she had been on the jr. high wait list for almost 2 years.

this was bittersweet because we love the school that she was at and i was ecstatic to have all 4 girls at the same school. and you do not have to run around like a crazy person purchasing supplies!

but we couldn't pass it up and off she went. a whirlwind of physicals, backpacks, supplies, book fees, sports paperwork... the whole shabang, finished before school started monday morning.


best of all tho... she wears a uniform ;)

penny loafers and knee socks. i'm so jealous.

the girls were all up at 5am.

it about killed me.

they were so excited.

little S was getting a little apprehensive about the whole kindergarten thing.

she was getting really nervous. she was mostly upset because even tho she had picked her dress a week in advance and had it laying out, she changed her mind and wanted to wear her summer uniform on the first day.

i said no.

she was mad.

the ripped jeans and old passed down stretched out t-shirt will have to wait until day 2.

she was all smiles when she walked into the classroom tho.

i can't wait to go pick them up.

the house has been too quiet today!!!

after school ice cream, a healthy dinner and an early bedtime are in our near futures.


The Richardson's said...

5am is our usual wake up call...I hope that when my boys are excited it is not any earlier! haha

It must be so strange to have only R in the house all day!

how fun! all of the kiddos looked great

Anonymous said...

hope their day was wonderful. love them all.

Peace and Love said...

st loves those torn jeans..