Monday, August 13, 2012

boston trip

 there are so many photos in this post but i just could not decide which ones to cut. it was all so fun and memorable so.... here we go.

our flight in to boston was great and uneventful. once we got there, we had some minor issues with the rental car situation & a dead phone. once we got that straightened out, S and i had our xm radio turned up and we hit the road. driving thru those tunnels for the first time was a little scary, especially when we realized we were under water. but we made the quick 30 min trip to reading, where my friend lives.

the next morning we got up and started the day. that was S's actual birthday. so we started with a donut the size of her head and drove to essex, ma. we went to woodman's and had delicious seafood. we checked out some antique stores, one in which S's skirt got caught on an old tile but luckily it didn't break, the tiles were $400 each! ouch!, got delicious ice cream and then got back in the car and drove to salem and checked out the beach.

that night we headed into town and had a crazy night in the north end eating delicious italian food and eating cannolis at modern bakery. yummmmmmm.

the next morning we got up and went to the public garden. i LOVED seeing the swans soooo much. the grounds were so beautiful and we loved seeing the giant trees, the green grass and the swan boats. so beautiful.

we met up with some friends at the sowa market where i finally got some sunglasses and my friends got some awesome hats. we looked around at all the local crafters, farmers & artists. we got to eat from the delicious food trucks. it was so hot so we thoroughly enjoyed our blueberry lemonade from roxy's.

after lunch, we started walking around town. we made a few stops at starbucks & a cupcake place, but were equally enthralled seeing the site of the boston massacre and all of the historic buildings.

the next day we drove out to plymouth, as in THE plymouth. you know, plymouth rock?
we saw that. it's actually not the real one, so we were told, but cool to see anyway. this is where we got a whole lobster, saw the mayflower, sailed along the cape, ate delicious ice cream (of course) and best of all... went whale watching. it was such a blast. we thought it was going to be a 1.5 hour cruise but it ended up being a 4 hour tour. good thing we had nothing but time! they had a pretty hefty snack bar luckily so we were able to have snacks, we thought we would be back for lunch ;)

 we were so worried that we were not going to see any whales, it was kind of expensive & they guaranteed sightings or another trip. we didn't have time for another trip, so we had our fingers crossed. luckily we saw several!!

S was getting pretty comfortable on the boat. i may have literally flipped out, crying and everything, when i found her on the very tip, titanic style, on the ride home. we were going so fast and she easily could have lost her balance and... well yada yada yada... i flipped out. anywho....

at the first sighting, the whole boat was really excited. i was on the top level and S was on the bottom level right below me. everyone oohed and ahhhed when we saw the first whale. after it quieted down, S realized i was right above her and exclaimed "mom! did you see that!!??" it was so sweet and everyone chuckled a little and smiled. it is just so amazing to see those huge creatures out there.

mother and baby diving at the same time. awwww.......

 these are seasonal homes on the very end of the cape. you have to bring in everything, including water & power if you choose to stay there. looks like the setting of a romantic nicholas sparks movie....

the mayflower!!

on the beach beneath the little column structure, is plymouth rock.

on our last day there, we braved the traffic and the looong drive down the cape. we made it to hyannis port. i loved to see the differences in the beaches. these beaches had white soft sand and small pine trees.

my beautiful girl taking in the sights.

 we had to then throw our clothes back on and drive straight to the airport. unfortunately we missed that flight and my poor friends had to host us another night. we missed the next flight as well, but finally headed home on the third attempt.

what an action packed, nonstop trip. so memorable and so awesome. and i'm so glad i could share it with my little adolescent.


Peace and Love said...

great photos Nell. Loved the coca cola crates, S is so cute and I can just see her on the tip of the boat. I would've flipped out too.

Makes me want to go to Boston!!!

The thing I like about you, Nell, is you really LIVE!! I mean you go girl!

Love, Mindy said...

Oh I love it! I want to go. NOW!
What great memories.

Michelle said...

Your mama put it well, you do know how to LIVE!
I want to be just like you when I grow up.
Gorgeous pictures, love the one of you looking down from the second level of the boat. I also love, love, love you two crossing the street. You're a good mom, what an experience.

drmom said...

Oh it makes me want to just copy and paste to my blog. Well put darling! It was really a wonderful trip and as usual you captured the images beautifully!