Monday, December 12, 2011

ummm.... catch up

at the risk of being totally cliche....

what the heck? time is going by so fast! i think i'm going to have to jot down random thoughts to catch up.
here's a few that i've been trying to remember.. they were really funny at the time.

1. on the way to a christmas play, little S, who has been in kind of a "bad mood" phase for quite some time, says...
"ugh mom, i have a headache of Jesus songs."

2. on an outing with L and little S for some special christmas shopping time together, and while looking for a parking space, L says..
"mom, remember that time when you found that parking space for pregnant mommies and you were so happy? i think i know why they do that."

me: "why?"

"cuz pregnant ladies are kind of grumpy and get frustrated kind of fast."


(she was remembering when i was preggo w/ baby R just in case you were wondering)

speaking of baby R...

he says things like...

"lemme see that mommy." and "that's mine!" and "no!" and commands everyone by name, except for L. we don't know why he won't say her name, it's starting to hurt her feelings tho.

L and D and S have had some great christmas gatherings at school.

S's class hosted a parents only potluck and carols. it was nice to sit with just my big girl and see her in her element.

L's class had a talent show and hosted a family dinner. they seated everyone, took food and drink orders, completely served the whole dinner. it was hilarious. it was just like going to a real restaurant, one that was just opened by children. they actually had a brilliant idea tho, they seated the parents and the little babies together and invited the other children (who wanted to) to go to a separate kids area (right there in the same room) where they had crafts and games and the kids could eat there too. it was great.
L and her besties did a few carols and dances.

and D's class had a family breakfast potluck and then a beautiful rendition of the grinch who stole christmas. D mouthed everyones lines. she had memorized the entire play. it was hilarious. it was a big deal figuring out how to do her hair to correctly imitate a who from whoville. i think she was happy with the end result.

john the elf has still been very popular in our house this year. D bolts out of bed every morning to be the first one to find him. little S is in awe of her "google eyes" and how she is always able to spot him. he has been hiding in some pretty tricky spots. except for the one time he was so lazy and stayed in the same spot... he just extended out his neck a little the second day. hmmm.... elves these days....

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sarah said...

yeah, really. you can't find a good one. elf that is.