Monday, December 12, 2011


all this extra holiday time at my moms house has me doing one of my favorite things...
going thru old pics.

would'ya take a look at these angelic little cherubs :) taken in the ohio autumn leaves

my uncle john and aunt cecilia (who are also S's godparents) joined us for thanksgiving. everything they make is delicious, so of course, the meal was amazing.
we had it all set up outside and we couldn't believe it when it started drizzling. we moved everything inside. it was a bummer because paully had been working on the grass for months. he wanted it to be perfect for this occasion, setting up the table and chairs on the grass under the trees. oh well. we made a fire and it was just as nice eating inside :)
big welter and little welter having some quality time.
the next day, we took a long... long... long... country drive. we ended up on a very curvy dirt road. scary at times, but nonetheless... gorgeous.

we drove from canyon lake to apache lake, checked out the roosevelt dam and headed home. a beautiful, but not recommended with children, drive. thank goodness they were all pretty happy the whole time and not car sick... because there was no turning around.

anywho, another lovely and wonderful year to be thankful for!

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