Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's always hard to say goodbye

some of our dear friends are moving away :( it's poopy.

we really like hanging out with them and laughing and playing games and hearing about their exciting life.

we understand that they have to, and that the welters are not enough to be the sole reason to stay (i kinda think it is if you ask me) and that phoenix is not the most happenin' place for recording artists. i guess nashville is. big whoop. at least we have a new fun place to visit.

anywho, the kids were taking it harder than i thought. they were very sad. so i decided we would write down all of our favorite things and memories we have made with them.

what says "i love you and will miss you" more than a

big old affirmation bag???

i thought the little messages were so sweet it almost made me tear up seeing how important these awesome people are to the kids.

paul and i had fun throwing in our little notes too.

we really will miss you!!!! you better come back when you start having kids!!!


Christina said...

well... this is the sweetest thing ever. gosh. i love you all! My affirmation bag is such a treasure

Drama Queen said...

cute! really weird, are friends just moved to! (like yesterday! ;)

Anonymous said...