Thursday, September 29, 2011


we have been "cleansing" for a few weeks now. eating healthy. no sugar, at first no alcohol but it's more like "little" alcohol now, no bread. lot's o veggies, some legumes and protein. it's pretty cool. i def. feel healthier, but it's a real toss up of which way of life is better. i think it has to be a balance.

i struggle with balance tho.

i'm either de-toxing or re-toxing.

it works for me. as long as i can fit into my jeans :)

one day after school, my mother and i took the girls to get pedicures. well, we got pedis and the girls got paint.
they really like the suckers at the register.
they said "this was really a fun day mom!"
pdubs and i went on a date. bianco's... really long wait but good pizza.

then we walked over to where we were married 13.5 years before.
we've matured a lot since then.