Friday, October 7, 2011

i'm off to see the wizard...

today i'm headed here....

i'm pretty pumped.

i also plan on stopping here..... first stop :)
luckily it's in walking distance from my aunt and uncle's.

will i get cupcakes or coffee cake.... maybe both (since i'll be walking there)

i also plan on joining a protest.

i'm not sure which one.

i guess i'll figure it out when i get there.

i always envisioned chaining myself to something for a cause.


Drama Queen said...

LUCKY!!!!!!!! so uper coolness!!! are the girls (and boy) going? have spark-tacular fun!

The Richardson's said...

SO FUN!!!! I am jealous!

Love, Mindy said...

WHAT??? I'm so jealous!!! Let's get together when you get back!

Majorek Family said...

Seriously way cool!!!

Lorie said...

After reading this, I think to myself, I have a few other words that can take the place of wizard!!

Hope you had fun, though!

P.S. I hope you got to protest some Catholic views for O to know!! :)