Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"pumpkin patch" 2010

little S made this one-eyed witch at school today. she also pointed out that she intended her to only have 1 hair hanging down by her 1 eye. she has a 1-thing theme going on. she came up to me this morning with one arm behind her back saying she only had one arm. i could tell she really didn't because i could clearly see that she was just hiding it behind her back.
mother of the year award again!!!!!!!!
we went to the "pumpkin patch" this evening. (trader joes had them on sale for $2.99 each :)
they each got to pick out their very own special pumpkin.
little S just picked the one closest to her.
D quietly looked around, not touching any, and then purposefully and gently picked up the one she planned for.
L and S's perfect pumpkins happened to be at the very bottom of the barrel.... so it took them awhile to get them out.

still looking.....
cinderella pumpkins. pretty.

did i mention how much the employees love it when we bring the whole family to grocery shop???? they just stare with their mouths open. at first we had smiles... then quickly the looks turned to shock... then to grimaces... then to shaking their heads.... then finally to relief when we finally got in line to check out.

ok. maybe it wasn't that bad. we got lots of smiles. and lots of...
"please tell me that baby is a boy!"
i accidentally but literally "ran" into (i seem to have a problem with that lately, maybe i need glasses) to our old neighbor. they are moving to scotland... so cool. i wish someone could say that about us. but no, it's more like...
"hey did you hear? the w's just got a minivan..."
not as cool for sure.
spooky spider rings from dinner.... where we shared a pitcher of sunbru.... which is probably why we thought it would be a good idea to go grocery shopping with the whole family.
the final selections.....


Love, Mindy said...

oh sister...you make me laugh out loud! even early in the morning!

Peace and Love said...

what great photos Nell - selecting pumpkins!!