Thursday, September 30, 2010

there are some things i should not attempt to do myself....

waxing my eyebrows is one of them.

i've had it done enough times i thought i could do it. no. bad idea. liz you really should have been firmer with me. although..... i have never been able to raise one eyebrow up. now, for the next couple of weeks, i will just look up and to the left.... like i'm looking at something very intriguing.... something mysterious..... you know, over there.

this is gross i know, but it is just sad how it is all mapped out. why i didn't stop after the first clump accidentally came off, we will never know. it was also interesting trying to get the oil onto my eyelashes onto which i dripped lots of hot wax.

extra! extra!! read all about it! my mommy is a weirdo!!!
on a much better note.... look who loves his new newsboy cap.


Yvette said...

Oh my that is totally me!! I have done that! Now I just let them bush out. I need some assistance myself. Marty just asked "what the heck ya laughing at?" Laughing can help labor come, ya know?

The Richardson's said...

You are brave!!! I am way to nervous about looking like a dummy- although I think you actually did a pretty good job- I would have no eyebrows left. I do my own bikini waxes- but if I mess that up- no one really sees it, haha.

R is super cute in his newsboy hat. Matthew had one of those too.

Elizabeth Anne said...

Nellie!!!! I though you were only going to do your lip???
I'm sure it doesn't look that bad in person. : )
Either way, u are WAY brave!!!! Hilarious too.

Love, Mindy said...

Nellie!!!! You are crazy! So much braver than me! I'll color my own hair...that's as brave as I get!

Peace and Love said...

gosh....I'm WILL grow back :-)