Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ultra professional sewing tutorial

how to sew an adorable dress for your child......

disclaimer.... i do love to sew, and even tho i had the best teacher (thx grammie) i don't always follow the rules. although nobody ever went to jail for using too many pins, i don't want to take my chances.

1. go to a cheap place (like SAS fabrics) and get some cool material. i found this grey material for $1.74 for the whole piece.

i like to use a paper grocery bag to sketch out my pattern.

yep.... just eyeball it. maybe hold it up to your child if you want to get some idea of what size to make.
baby R likes trader joe's bags the best...
cut out strips for ruffles on the front.
i prefer to use sharpies... and the same scissors i use in the kitchen. ( i am ultra professional)
2. lay it all out.
3. i made the skirt first. i wanted it to have a modern, raw look, so i did a zig zag across the top of the skirt.
then i did a loose stitch about an inch below the zigzag and gathered it.
4. skirt is done. now move on to the strips. do 1 loose stitch down the middle of each strip. gather.
5. pin the strips down on the front of the dress. stitch down the middle, attaching them to the front of dress.

sew top front and back together.
6. my neckline was WAY too big, so i gathered around the neckline and then added elastic all the way around.
7. then i attached the skirt to the top of dress. i attached mine from the outside (seam showing)
8. the dress was WAY too long, so i laid it out and cut off several inches.

and then....
9. voila!!! you are done.
did you get that awesome dress at j crew???
NO!! you made it :)

10. yeah!!!
it is super soft t-shirt material, so child is happy. i think it will wash well too. the edges will probably curl up, adding even more dimension.

11. i also made a matching headband with some of the scrap material and elastic. but the child disappeared... so no more pictures.


Anonymous said...

belly. so. cute. oh, so cute. why are you so talented? i mean c'mon. with the ruffles. and the darlingness. serious. goll. ddddaaarrrllliiinnnggg. yep, just eyeball it.

The Richardson's said...

I really think you need to teach me how to sew. My husband and family don't think I can learn because I am too impatient. BUT if I follow your methods...I think I could make it just fine!!!!!

Okay, thanks. Let me know how much you charge.

Jenna said...

That rocks!!!! I made Denim her first dress last year. I usually only sew curtains, pillows, etc. I really want to sew clothes!!!

Yvette said...

AWESOME! I Love IT!!! I love your Tutorial, its ultra rad and you should have one every week!

Love, Mindy said...

Sister!!! You are sooo awesome!!! Truly, i want to live in your brain for a day! :)
Will you please have weekly tutorials?

andrea said... Way cheaper AND even cuter than my much loved crewcuts. :)

Peace and Love said...

wow....the gene must have skipped a generation from Grandma to you.....

Elizabeth said...

my hero!

... said...

I LOVE that you, too, don't use patterns! *jumps up and down* My Irish Gramma taught me to sew and crochet...and never used a pattern, either. Just hand-scrawled notes and patterns on butcher paper.
However, I want to know how you made knit fabric do those fancy things w/o a serger...?