Tuesday, June 22, 2010

from the mouth of babes...

S (9) and cousin C (8) were very interested in observing me give baby R a bath while he was screaming his sweet little head off. they were both watching from start to finish...C , especially, was wondering if he always cries like that and how i handle it, since she will be a famous singer someday and wants to write a song about it.

as i was drying him off...

S: "look, the tip of his *einie is turning white!"

C: "he must be really mad!"

S: "why is it doing that?"

me: "oh, well... when he is screaming all the blood rushes to different places and makes him change colors"

S: "look how red he is! his *einie is still changing colors!"

C: "maybe it's just like a mood ring."

so true, C. that will definitely make an interesting song...

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Peace and Love said...

that is hilarious, Nell. I often think of the hilarious things your girls say.... gosh I miss everyone!!