Monday, February 15, 2010

good times with maria...

we had so much fun with our little exchange student. we tried to stay busy, which wasn't hard with 5 little kids!

we took a trip up to the snow. our lovely friends let us come and crash in on them at their cabin. they had hot chili and cornbread ready for us when we arrived. but before we even made it to the door, the kids managed to get their "dry" clothes completely soaked. which was fun when everyone realized they were cold and wet. we figured it out and had a great time.

we even roasted marshmallows by the fire while our clothes dried.
there was always time for a little dress up session....
we went to organ stop pizza. we were the only ones there under 75. but the kids still loved it. i really can't believe how packed that place gets. it is expensive and the food is terrible. oh well, the kids loved the music.
we also had a big bake sale to raise money for haiti. the kids did most of the baking and most of the preparations. they also counted most of the money (it was double checked several times) and there was a lot of change!! they ended up raising $392.47 !!!!
the sale ready to start....
the money jar.....

they were very creative little advertisers! they all had sore throats the next day from all the yelling. we were very proud of their hard work.
one day we decided to go to skateland after school. as soon as we walked in we knew we werein for trouble. that place is a mad house. and it wasn't even crowded. it happened to be christian music night and free admission!, which at first, i thought "oh how nice". i like christian music, this will be fun. the music was nice... but it also brought in some interesting characters. brightly neon colored, eyes closed, hands up, praising characters. which is great and all, but not when my uncoordinated little skaters keep going right in front of them not realizing they have their eyes closed..... recipe for disaster. there were also a lot of good samaritans who were more than willing to carry my crying (dramatic) skaters across the rink to find her parents. i don't think the samaritans realized how many times children can actually fall. it's not a big deal every time.
A+ for effort girls!!! they did have a lot fun. red cheeked sweaty hyped up fun.
one of our favorite times was when maria made us homemade tortillas. yummmmyyy!!!!!
i believe this game involved everyone pretending D was in a wheelchair. they pushed her around in that chair for a long time. D was in heaven.
midnight stopped by to say hello...
maria's favorite thing we did (she said) was making valentine bags. the 2 older girls worked very hard on these. there was a lot of sewing involved and they really did most of it themselves.
they were so proud of the finished product. they both took them to school the next day.
on the last night we went out to Kobe. maria had never been to a teppanyaki restaurant. the kids always love to go there, it is S's favorite. they love to catch the food in their mouths when the chef flings it across the table.

we had a great time with maria and the 2 weeks just flew by!

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The Richardson's said...

You guys were super busy!!!!! Looks like a lot of fun. I am sure you will be in touch with Maria for a long time