Monday, December 28, 2009

more christmas joy...

and a variety of fabulous family christmas pictures. we really rocked it this year with family photos, aside from the beautiful ones my sis took, the rest were pretty awful. oh well, it makes me laugh looking at them...

we also got to have a special visit from santa. he called each of their names and gave them a special early gift. S was on the fence about the whole thing, but not willing to take any chances, so she happily went along with it. she was eyeing his beard pretty closely. (it was real)

D struck a familiar pose...
going on the 4th christmas gift opening celebration here... things got a little crazy.
Paully was thrilled about our matching plaid disney jammies! (it was a joke) each year i try to find the most obnoxious jammies to wear over to my mom's christmas morning.
here are the girls with their cousins at my dad's. they were all super hyper!!! we were on our way to christmas mass where S did the first reading. she ROCKED it!!! she read very slow, deliberate and clear. i was so proud.
well... no pony this year. :( but i did get several darling things that i LOVE! especially the cake plate from my cousin made just for me!

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