Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 chritmas list

some things i am hoping santa will bring to ME! (so selfish)

1. a pony just like max (except maybe white or black or a paint)

2. a flat cheese grater

3. a 6 or 8 slice toaster

4. a new 4 or 8 slice waffle iron

5. my own cake plate just like sarah's (except not with her name on it)

6. a cool, romantic adults only weekend away

7. world peace (even if it starts at my house, including 1 WHOLE day without even 1 loud high-pitched scream)

8. an anthropologie gift card (mulitple increments of $100's please)

9. a new knife set

10. a happy and healthy family for all of 2010!!! (and beyond of course)

i am off to a good start. i wanted to have all christmas decorations, including the tree, up by today. a good start for me anyway. i got the fall decorations down, paul brought in the christmas decorations from the garage, i got my christmas cards designed and ordered, and i found my christmas plates hidden in the cupboards (but didn't get them down yet). the tree is going to have to wait i guess. i was always for having a real tree, except for the last several years, the smell has worn off in just a few days and turned into a weird rotten water smell coming from the tree water, the tree ALWAYS dies and is totally brown by the time christmas rolls around, it makes a huge mess, and we end up spending around $70-$80 on a tree every year anyway. so this year i thought i would get a beautiful pre-lit artificial tree. p scrubs disagrees. he wants to go and chop down a real tree for the price of the permit, $15. the problem is i don't want to drive that far and wait that long. the only place left, he says, is in greer. that is too long of a drive to go and come back in one day. so we will have to wait and see what the master decides to do. see how much i sacrifice??? (i hope he is reading this...)

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Love, Mindy said...

great list, my dear! let me know when you head up north....i wanna go!