Tuesday, December 15, 2009

don't panic!

i keep telling myself. i know i can get everything done. the good thing is that it's all fun stuff to do. except for cleaning the house. not so fun. but i do need to buckle down and get crafting!

another good thing is that the kids are filled with the good kind of christmas excitement (some more than others... not naming any names...insert 3 yr. old's name here)

D made her own version of "i love you more" in the car the other day... here are a few verses...

i love you more than a ghost full of food.

i love you more than scooby doo.

i love you more than if i were going to a birthday party.

i love you more than an elephant.

kind of random, but i was particularly flattered by the birthday party verse... she really likes those.

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