Friday, November 13, 2009


my dear sister friend, Mindy, and i went to check out the fall blissfest party. it was so cute. we had such a great time wandering around, checking out the talented vendors and dying over all the cute decorations.

i like horses....
it had a western theme which is why we are dressed kinda westerny.
we were excited...
cute decorations. i wanted to move into this little area. it looks like the kind of thing i used to try to make when i was a little girl. well i wanted it to look like this, maybe it did in my head, but since we lived in the desert and i played with cinder blocks and a horse water bucket, i doubt it even came close.

there was a cute girl there doing cute hairstyles. she styled and curled and even put in a very cute feathered clip or bow.

the best sugar cookie ever!!!
mindy's cute do...
my cute feather clip...
we sat at the table enjoying our lattes and cookie while watching a fashion show.
it was the perfect end to a perfect night when we got to meet nienie! she hugged me and said she loved mindy's cute hair. she and her husband are so cute, truly amazing and inspiring.
thanks for being my date sister!!!

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Lorie said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in that top picture!