Tuesday, August 4, 2009

special birthday trip #2...

the big apple!!!
little L has been saving her money to buy her very own american girl doll. she did chores, saved birthday money, gathered neighbors' mail, watered flowers, windexed just about everybody's windows and finally saved up enough to buy the doll! our cousins , who live in brooklyn, were gracious enough to host us for 4 days! L was so excited to spend time with her cousin lucia! love that girl!!!!

this is L on the plane. i have never had so many little smiles and squeezes. she couldn't believe she had me all to herself.
central park.
fyi... snapple is everywhere. i could find my fav diet peach tea snapple at almost every place we went. we also enjoyed some jamaican patties for breakfast. might not have been the best decision i have ever made.
we had to stop at magnolia bakery. so delicious and decorated so cute. i loved the jars of cookies and sprinkles. i especially loved the vintage cake stands.
we conducted a taste test between magnolia cupcakes and sunshine cupcakes. as you can see, magnolia is a little bigger, but sunshine was much moister and butterier. (yes, that's a word) magnolia did have killer chocolate frosting though. i was in heaven.
L sure loved that chinese umbrella.
here we are at ps1 which is an old public school that was turned into an art museum.
we were lucky enough to spend some time with my aunt and uncle who were in town for lucia's birthday party. the girls got all dressed up in their matching girl and doll pj sets. they said that it was the best night ever. they got to have a slumber party with "nona" and there happened to be a beauty pageant going on at the hotel. we ran right into little miss new york! she was very gracious and was happy to pose for a picture.
they even got late night room service! they will remember that one for sure!
we attended little lucia's birthday party the next morning. what a blast. it was held at a science center. the kids did crafts, went on a boat ride, enjoyed cupcakes and ran around in the beautiful scenery.
everyone was impressed with L's bird. they liked the pattern she made with the paper. that's my little pattern girl!

yummy sunshine cupcakes!!!!
here we are at the american girl store. it was so much fun. i liked looking at the historical dolls. L knew right away that she wanted chrissa. little did i know all the extra things you can do for the dolls after you purchase them. hair-do's, baths, ear piercings, etc....
things were getting a little silly after the tea, the sugar started kicking in. can you tell?
looking in amazement at all the wonderful things...
paying for her doll.
a special chocolate milk shake. there was just about everything a little girl could want at the tea. jello, bite size sandwiches, scones, cookies, chocolate cups filled with custard, sugar cookies, mousse, and the girls even had a special birthday cake and song. even matching china for the dolls!
L lovin' her doll. brooklyn, NY.
L & L all dressed up for dinner.
skipping down the streets of new york city.
L & L insisted on matching hair-do's everyday. they were adorable!
lucia greeted L with her own chinese umbrella. they hardly put these things down.
taking a rest in central park. our hosts took us everywhere! we ate at so many awesome restaurants. stand4 for burgers, barney greengrass for bagels and lox, amazing dim sum in china town, and franny's for gourmet brick oven pizza. again, i was in heaven!
the empire state building.

the view from R's parents' apartment. facing central park. we really took this in... beautiful!
boat at the science center.
scenes from brooklyn...

L and chrissa all buckled up in our taxi ride back to the airport. we laughed and cried a little when lucia pressed her little head up against her apartment window and yelled in her sweet little raspy voice...
"bye!!!!!!" "bye!!!!"
we heard her for a few blocks. we are really going to miss them. thanks for the lovely and memorable trip!!!


Sarah said...

wow. i think you should adopt me so I can go on a special trip with you!!

how fun. I love NYC!!!

Love, Mindy said...

holy moly!!! i am so jealous!!! can i go next time? :) isn't american girl such a magical little place? randi and i loved the LA one.

Yvette said...

Looks like a great time!
Naibe would love to get to American Girl NY, without having to fly. That would be long road trip. Hey maybe LA. Love all your pictures!

Lorie said...

LOVE all your Pics of the Girls and their trips. FUN FUN FUN!
I was just on my Blog tonight to Post Annabelle's B-Day pictures from July, must be a good B-day Month! :0)

Family Circus said...

WOW. Who goes all the way to New York to pick out their American Girl doll? You are fabulous! What a memory that is for your little cutie! Love all the pics.

drmom said...

Oh that is so wonderful! What a blessed little girl to have you as a mommy! I makes me so glad I have a little girl too now! I love it!! She will remember that FOR-EVER!