Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i have a new obsession. (again) well, 2 actually. it takes me a while, but i know i will get this cooking and cleaning thing down someday. clorox cleaning wipes. now, i am sure that i have purchased these before, maybe even several times, but i didn't recognize their power until now.
i am not really a paper towel kind of girl... among other things i never use that people use on a normal basis (e.g.) a blender, washcloths, croutons, a microwave, meatloaf,
not for any particular reason, i just never use them or have found alternative solutions. anyway, while i do feel bad about using the wipe and then throwing it away, it has made bathroom clean up SOOOO much easier and more efficient. i love them.

my other new found love...... coconut m&m's. it may have been my weakened state (post wedding depression, bad day had to get out of the house.. i guess i'll go to wallgreens situation, constant chocolate cravings) or maybe it was just the fact that the lady who checked me out made me an offer i couldn't refuse. i was just innocently checking out and then she had to go and ask me if i had tried the new m&m's yet. she said they were on sale for .49 and i could get 2 for less than a dollar. wow. can you believe i actually fell for that? well, i said sure. i can tell you that i also never buy candy bars while at the register. i may buy candy at the movies, or for birthday gifts, or at the grocery during halloween, but never just a random bag of candy. i do have about the biggest sweet tooth you can imagine, i could eat chocolate chip cookies day and night, but i was in for it this time. i had one bag gone and the other ripped open by the time i got home (wallgreens is on our corner)
this is ridiculous, but i wanted more the very next day. i was able to pacify myself until it was time for carpool pickup. i loaded the little girls in the car a little early and thought it would be nice to pick up a few bags and surprise the kids in the car for an afterschool snack. i pulled up to the corner and realized i didn't have any cash, so i rummaged through the loose change (always a scary thing in our car) and came up with $1.40 of a sticky, gum-coated mixture of dimes, nickles and pennies. i went in, picked out my 2 bags and carefully counted out my .40 and confirmed that i did not have enough for a third bag. the nice lady must have seen the sadness in my eyes. she said that someone left a bunch of change that day and that i could take another bag if i wanted. it was my m&m angel!!
sadly it does not end here. while it was hard, i did actually share my 3 bags with the 5 kids in the car which means... i did not get enough. that evening i wanted more so badly (i may have mentioned a few times that the sale ended at midnight that night) so at 10:30, my knight in shining armor and a possey of men itching to run an errand, went out on the hunt. they arrived at our corner wallgreens to find out that they closed at 10. so 3 wallgreens later, they finally found a 24hr store and went in to find the stupid m&m's. after being harassed by the attendant, they were able to buy out the rest of the coconut m&m supply for .49 a bag. they came home like they had just won a great battle. and the good news is that i will have a heafty supply to keep me happy for a good amount of time.


Sarah said...

I love those disinfecting wipes...except I buy the generic Fry's brand because I am cheap and poor. They are amazing. Another gift from the cleaning God's are magic erasers.
Clean your shower with them once and you will feel you died and went to Heaven. (as my shower sits here dirty and in need of a magic eraser attack...but all I want to do is look at blogs, haha)

I do not like no comment on the m&m's except that it was super nice of the boys to go on a quest to find you some!

Mary Ruth said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE those wipes. Super great for camping and excellent for a quick "mop" of the tile floors too! they are great on toilets, counters (not in that order) and sinks. I could be a commercial!

As far as the MnM's go... I have a feeling about those... will share later!

Lorie said...

This is funny too! You are making me laugh today, THANK YOU!

Yes ditto MaryRuth for the wipes. They are AWESOME. Even for pee spillage on the floor from little boys. See... you don't have to deal with that, YET.:) Unless you have to clean up after P. Sometimes I have to for Sean but more for James.

And, those M&Ms sound yummy! And since I have not bought a single candy bar in a LONG time I thought 49cents/50cents is normal? What are they up to now, a 1.00? Everyone loves coconut here so I will have to try them. Thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

Just wanted to find out if you bought all the Coconut M&Ms in Tempe? Sean went to Walgreens and Albertsons this evening and they were both out and I called a CVS and they don't have them either. So.... you bought them all OR they didn't have many to begin with, OR everyone else likes them too, OR everyone read your blog and went out and bought them! :0)

Can't wait to try them because you got me wanting them. I guess I have sweet tooth too!

Patience is a Virtue!

Anonymous said...

Right there with ya on the coconut M&Ms...delicious! I too love the Clorox wipes....wasteful but convenient!