Tuesday, August 25, 2009


these 2 girls got their back to school hair cuts and they were cracking me up. after my first attempt at home, i decided i had better take them in for cuts. their hair is just so thick and hard to get even. i specifically (2x's) asked the the hair cutters to not make the front shorter than the back. i wanted the front slightly longer than the back. what do you think they did? yep, both of the hairdressers framed their faces. so the front is about 2 inches shorter than the back. hello?? i should have just done it at home. oh well. now they have nice healthy ends and it will grow out.

anyway... they were cracking me up because S is so much like me. it was impossible for her to sit still and just wanted it to be over. she was fiddling around and kept asking if the girl was almost done.

now this little one... she sat right down and got comfortable. the hairdresser asked how her day went and the girl did not stop talking until she had to get up. she went on and on about what leah and jordan and what so and so did and she couldn't believe this and that. she sounded like a little old lady chatting away about her day. too funny!

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