Tuesday, March 24, 2009

make my own texture day

yesterday, when we got home from school, we played outside in the front yard for a long time. while the girls were swinging on their favorite swings, i decided to attempt to make my own textures for photoshop. i took close ups of bricks, sidewalks, asphalt, cardboard, my mailbox, tape, bubble wrap, frames, etc. i then imported the images into photoshop, created a new layer, put them on top of photos, adjusted the opacity, erased back the skin tones and voila! it was pretty fun. now i just need to practice my blending skills.

sarah, i like that picture of you :)


Mary Ruth said...

So Cool!!

Sarah said...

Wow you are so talented...I want to see you do something on photo shop sometime!

Mindy said...

Nellie!!! You are awesome! I especially love the pix of Sar! :)

And...you ARE a beautiful mermaid. I believe it!