Thursday, April 2, 2015


it's been a busy fix-it kinda month.

other than the washing machine breaking for a week (oh boy does the laundry get backed up fast around here), oh to record the faces of the big girls when they realized they had to do laundry in the bathtub, the garbage disposal breaking  & currently has a disgusting smell protruding form under the cabinets, deciding to put myself together a little bit before facing the public which means putting earrings on to go with my workout outfit for the day... but at the end of the day realizing i had only put one on. and to take that further, i had bumped into a friend while sitting in the car, so we were talking rather closely through the car window and when we hugged my earring fell off and into her hand. i put it back in and she must have wondered where the other earring was. let's see what else... paully wally out of town for a few days which is always chaos... teen phones taken away a few times, finally getting the septic tank drained and the thrill of finding it after having no idea where it was, and almost getting pushed over the edge finding a chopstick sticking out of the wall when on a pick-up tirade.....

this happened.

the door to the refrigerator fell off.

i couldn't believe it. luckily it fell on me and not one of the kids. it could have seriously injured (or worse) the kids. it was so heavy, i was able to jump out of the way but it ripped a few holes in our floor. thank you to our guardian angels for working overtime that day!!

viking acted right away and shipped and installed a brand new fridge within a few days. and they are fixing the floor.

oh and our stovetop and dishwasher were broken as well and our home warranty replaced them! i can't believe it, but we have all new appliances in our kitchen!

now on to new "challenges" and to tend to that smell coming from the cabinets...

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