Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A few (10 actually) of my favorite things:

1. A good old fashioned GNO. 

    A friend from highschool was in town so we made a few calls & planned a little dinner. What is more fun than giggling & transforming back into your 16 yr old self for an evening? Not many things imo. The stories, oh the stories these little liars told... I would never...

2. A guy with 4 older sisters. 

    All he wanted was to help eat the cookies. But his sisters pulled a whole "little red hen" theme and had him all wrapped up in an apron & mixing & singing along to Broadway musical songs. He looks like a wet cat to me. But he did enjoy the cookie after enduring the torture. He's gonna make a great understanding, well-rounded hubby someday, I'm sure of it.

3. Cabbage patch kids. 
     I mean, I still get a thrill when I see that logo. I can't help but smile. One of the main sources of joy from my childhood. I'm sure there were other sources, but this one is way up there. Anywho, baby J got a boy colored baby doll stroller from Santa so I thought he needed a boy baby doll to go with it. He did too. I wasn't that into it, but he was thrilled. No, he doesn't violently shake the baby out of the stroller when I gently buckle him (Dario Robert) in. That's silly.

4. Organization. 

     Well I like the idea anyway, the follow through, that's a different story. I got this idea from my friend with 7 kids and completely copied it. In order to cut down on 150 water glasses in the sink at the end of the day, we instituted the "water bottle" method. Each kid has their own specific color, which they picked, and drinks from that all day. They are to stay at home & on this particular countertop. They can be moved to the table or bedrooms, but they have to try to keep them in their spot. So far so good. And don't the colors look pretty?

5. Essential oils. 

     I got this vitamin E oil, recommended from a friend who swears by it, to get poor S's eczema under control. It's so flared up right now all over her arms. I can't wait to see if it helps. I got it on 
amazon prime.

6. Hors d'oeuvres.

     I'm afraid I'm turning into the mom on the movie Mermaids. I think I need to watch that again, it's been awhile but she may have had some other weird issues going on... Ok well like her only in the respect of liking to make hors d'oeuvres for her famy in lieu of meals. During this winter break, I found myself setting out trays of finger foods throughout the day... dips, pita chips, sliced peppers, apples, cheese plates, mini cheese crisps... If my kids are eating fruits and veggies throughout the day I'm happy :)

7. New sheets. 

    I am crazy about these new jersey sheets I got at target. They are these exact sheets however, when I bought them a few days ago, they rang up at $13! For a king set! I like the color & they are so cozy & I'm a big sucker for a deal.

8. Candy cane Chapstick. 

    It's seasonal, so I went a little crazy. I've gone thru 6 sticks. I even bought some for my advent angel recipient because I love them so. 

9. Telestrations.

     A fun family game everyone can play that can read & draw. We played New Year's Eve at our friends house & went right out and got it at target with Christmas money the next day. It's on sale for $14.99 right now :) I just wish we would have got the party pack with 12 books, 6 just isn't enough for us, especially if playing with friends.

10. After party hair product.

     I love this stuff. My friend Liz told me about it. I just love the way it softens & accentuates curls. I put it in after curling with a curling iron. I think it helps preserve style for at least 3 days :)


Anonymous said...

gimme that after party. now.

Dr Mom said...

So much to love about your list. If you do a viewing of mermaids I am in and I may have to give your bed-head product a try. Your hair has looked great lately...Love this post.

Rita Buettner said...

Love the idea of serving appetizers throughout the day! Such a great list.

Kellie said...

I love this list and I especially love the cabbage patch doll! Now I think Ted wants one too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kellie, Ted definitely wants one!